Preventative Breast Cancer Mastectomy Is Not a Panacea

Preventative Breast Cancer Mastectomy Is Not a Panacea

“Among the most controversial decisions in surgery today may well be whether patients should request and doctors should (or not) perform mastectomy on the healthy breast. Today’s top international breast surgeons do agree on several things: Patients must consult the geneticist, the oncologist and a psychologist before reaching the decision.

There are important trends that bode well for a proactive choice: Most surgeries today include both mastectomy and simultaneous reconstruction. Further, breast surgeons are performing plastic surgery with the intention of faster healing or collaborating with plastic surgeons soon after the operation for reconstruction.”

Anushka spoke with the Huffington Post about risk-reducing BRCA 1 surgery and Angelina Jolie’s courageous decision to go public with her choice.

Read the full article at the Huffington Post

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